Thursday, July 18, 2024


Here’s a quick list of commonly asked questions to give readers a little more insight as to who we are.

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Q: What is Drive Werks?

A: Drive Werks is a site we created in effort to share our automotive passion. Over the years we’ve owned and driven an assortment of cars & trucks, and have taken part in various projects that come with the automotive hobby. This is a place to put all those experiences and photos in one place for everyone to enjoy.


Q: Does Drive Werks only feature specific kinds of automobiles?

A: Not at all. We appreciate all sorts of cars & trucks. From rust buckets to Concours winners, we like them all. The world of automobiles is full of variety, so there’s always something different to talk about.


Q: What are the differences between each of the article categories?

A: Currently we have 4 major categories where articles are published. Here is a breakdown of each of the categories:

  • REVIEWS: This is where we write about vehicles that we’ve driven and/or have an owner’s story to share. We try to take lots of pictures as to show you an in depth view as to what makes each of these vehicles interesting.
  • PROJECTS: Here we discuss different auto related projects that we take part in. Different products are often installed and tested. We give honest feedback so readers have a firm knowledge base should they want to go down the same route.
  • HEAD 2 HEAD: A spot where two vehicles duke it out. Here we test drive vehicles to find out why someone might pick one over another, and give a rundown of their features.
  • OPINIONS: A category for articles that don’t necessarily fit within the others. This is where we post about various automotive trends or things that happen to be on our minds.


Q: What if I want to voice my own opinion on an article, how do I go about doing so?

A: You can use the comments section at the end of each article, or you can send us a message. We really hope our readers will want to share their own thoughts and ideas.


As time progresses, we may have more to add, but for now we hope this gives you a start as to how the site runs.




Drive Werks Team