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Monthly Archives: November 2017

[Project Fiesta] Fiesta Gets a New Party Stick [Short Shifter DIY]

People who buy new cars typically buy them under the impression that they should work perfectly fine as is, and be serviced under warranty. Not Mr. Westermeister though. [...]

July 29, 2016 Projects

FiST Full of Dollars (Back in Your Pocket)

Hot Hatches have been a major market segment ever since the introduction of the original Volkswagen GTI. [...]

July 24, 2016 Reviews

The Dealer’s Choice

If you thumb through old automotive magazines, you’ll come across ads and reviews of cars in their heyday. [...]

July 14, 2016 Reviews

Comparison Test: Taco vs. Great White

Picking a truck may as well be picking sides in war. People are very particular and will want to explain why their truck is the one to go with. [...]

July 7, 2016 Opinions

[Project 540i] Bump in Your Strut

I will be the first to say that rack and pinion steering is my pick over a steering box, any and every day. [...]

July 6, 2016 Projects

Bermuda, Bahama…wait this is still California

There are a lot of iconic cars throughout the pages of history. [...]

July 1, 2016 Reviews